How to Stay Green This Summer

If you’re from the American South, you understand just how formidable the summer heat can be. While the heat takes a brutal toll on our bodies, our methods of coping can also leave a mark on the environment. Here are some tips on how to stay cool and green during the dog days of summer, a few of which can save you money as well.

Ditch the Plastic Water Bottles for a Thermos

We’ve all heard many times how plastic water bottles are bad for the environment. However, when the temperature is in the triple digits, sometimes it’s easy to disregard this for the sake of hydration. First of all the plastic is thin, keeping the liquid cool for a minimal amount of time, and has also been known to melt when sitting on a dashboard on a hot day. Second, 28-packs of water bottles can add up over time (though profits from Delishs bottled rainwater in biodegradable bottles are going to build sustainable communities in central Texas)

Opt for a refillable thermos instead. The container is more durable and will keep drinks cold for a much longer time. It will leave you refreshed and keep both the earth and your wallet green.

Buy Hemp Clothing

Some people might refer to this as something that only dirty hippies would wear, but the reality is far from that. Anyone eco-conscious should consider adding some hemp pieces to their wardrobe. It hasn’t risen to a huge popularity due to tight government restrictions on growing the plant (a cousin on marijuana) but is gaining followers. Growing hemp requires 50% less water than cotton and fewer pesticides. While hemp clothing can be hard to find locally, a quick Google search can yield many online retailers. The fabric also feels similar to linen so it breathes well and works in warm, humid climates because it resists mildew and absorbs moisture. (Just stay away from fires!)

Add Solar Panels on your Home

If you’re home during the afternoon, cooling costs can be a fortune. Why not convert that heat into energy and use it for air conditioning? During the hottest part of the day, solar panels operate at peak efficiency, thereby lowering your power bill by thousands annually. Additionally a solar attic fan will improve ventilation and can reduce electricity costs up to 30%. Fossil fuels cause a downward spiral of destruction—they must be mined or drilled for and the more we use them the hotter earth gets, slowly but surely. With renewables, energy is literally created out of thin air and has minimal impact on the environment.

Buy a Dehumidifier

What is there was a way to create water out of thin air? Oh wait, there is! A dehumidifier increases thermal comfort while using much less energy than air conditioning. By reducing the moisture in the air the heat index is reduced and your home feels cooler. Better yet, power one with solar energy and cool your house with the only byproduct being water. Look here for an in-depth comparison of top Konia dehumidifiers and purifiers.

GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS offers an Eco-Bootcamp course for anyone interested in saving both money and the earth. Spend the evening with us (and a gourmet chef) while our LEED Certified CEO Mark Robinson teaches a class with custom curriculum to fit your groups needs. Call 877-326-8392 for more information!