What Does Green Mean?

What does green mean? Nature, the earth…your wallet? In yesterday’s world, the two were polar opposites. Today, as investment and research continues to grow, the value in sustainably using the earth’s resources is finally being realized. But in tomorrow’s society, the two will be inextricably linked. For many years people could drill...cut…burn without much consequence. But as did the steam engine gave way to gasoline alternatives, so too its time has come.

Tesla is preparing to release its fourth electric vehicle while also investing is battery storage technology for large scale renewable energy operations. Depending on whom you ask, the stock price may be overvalued but nonetheless, that is a sign of investors’ confidence in the industry’s future.

Photovoltaic panel prices keep dropping while efficiency continues to increase. However low natural gas prices are keeping dirty energy on top, but perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. This damper has given installers and manufactures time to work out the kinks and scale up operations. When oil prices pick up (as Texans, we support this too!), solar will be a cheaper alternative and a 21st century gold rush will begin.

In preparation, GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS and Momentum Bay have been investing today to create a greener, healthier tomorrow. To real estate owners, investors & executives--why not increase property values by making a few changes?

A green roof, coupled with solar powered attic fans can reduce cooling costs up to 20%. What’s more, edible landscaping can provide passive shade and a food source. Imagine if that tree in your front yard dropped apples instead of pollen! Then, water those plants by capturing rain off of the roof - or better yet use a dehumidifier to increase thermal comfort - and store in an a rainwater harvesting tank.

From renovating elderly living facilities with solar, rainwater harvesting, and edible landscaping to showing Hawaiian students how to save half a billion dollars in ten years, we are building a brighter, more sustainable future.