Directly & Indirectly

Some key differences between shopping for electricity directly & indirectly:

  • Shopping directly brings risks. (Do you shop for homes or commercial buildings on your own or advised by a licensed real estate broker?)

  • Like the financial, stock, energy & other commodity markets, the electricity market is very dynamic. Electricity prices are a function of natural gas prices/supply/demand, weather forecasts, interest rates, economic indicators, investment trends, & much more.

  • Market rules & conditions change continually in The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas and at the Public Utility Commission of Texas, making it somewhat challenging for those outside the energy business to monitor actively & understand.

  • The number of Retail Electric Providers & their electricity product offerings (plans) is increasing. REPs’ credit ratings, customer service complaint history, commitment to corporate sustainability, competitive strategy, etc. are time-consuming for customers to assess.

  • Texas requires NO licensure, certification, accreditation or continuing education for someone to act as an electricity broker or consultant.

  • Texas DOES require electricity aggregators to register and file annual reports with the Public Utility Commission.

  • Buying electricity alongside other companies via a registered Texas electricity aggregator can generate energy rate savings just like buying products & services at wholesale buying clubs.

  • Energy / utility consultants & management firms enjoy a distinct competitive advantage in securing favorable pricing, terms & conditions from Retail Electric Providers.

GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS is a green energy procurement aggregator-broker-consultant & energy management advisory firm focused on sustainability.

Our approach: Sprint. Crawl. Walk. Jog. Run. Inspire.

GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS simplifies competitive energy procurement for green buildings & green businesses in three simple roles – Aggregator, Broker, Consultant.

Moreover, GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS brings added value to its clients by integrating energy procurement / supply services with its full-service energy / utility management practice, sustainable real estate practice, & corporate sustainability practice.

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