Who is Momentum Bay Associates LP?

Momentum Bay Associates LP is a sustainability & strategy consulting firm based in Houston, Texas, the nation’s energy capital. We are the first electricity broker & registered Class I aggregator to provide exclusively green power for business & residential customers in Texas (PUC Registration #80247).

What states does Momentum Bay Associates LP serve?

To date, we have focused on Texas' commercial & industrial customers, as well as some residential customers. However, we are able to broker renewable electricity & carbon offsets in other deregulated states.

With which Retail Electric Providers (REPs) has Momentum Bay established a broker agreement?

Momentum Bay currently works with five REPs that are most affordable & committed to sustainability: Green Mountain Energy, Constellation NewEnergy, Gexa Energy, Direct Energy & First Choice Power.

As a broker & registered aggregator, we are able to negotiate more favorable pricing than customers may be able to obtain if they tried to contact REPs directly. This pricing difference exists because REPs have to protect their external sales force, known as the ABC Channel (i.e., aggregators, brokers & consultants). By outsourcing 30-100% of their sales efforts, REPs manage overhead costs & flexibility by maintaining a very small in-house staff, if any, to serve commercial accounts directly.

Which company can I contact regarding problems with my electricity, if outside of Momentum Bay's regular business hours?

Please contact the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) responsible for delivering your power:

  • CenterPoint (Reliant service area): (800) 332-7143

  • Oncor Electric Services (TXU service area): (888) 313-4747

  • AEP Central (CPL service area): (866) 223-8508

  • TNMP (First Choice service area): (888) 866-7456

  • AEP North (WTU service area): (866) 223-8508

  • Nueces (Nueces Service Area): (800) 632-9288

  • CommEd: (800) 334-7661

How do I contact Momentum Bay?

Mailing Address:
Momentum Bay Associates, L.P.
Attn: green power 4 Texas
P.O. Box 980487
Houston, Texas 77098-0487

Email: greenpower4texas [at] momentumbay [dot] com .

Main Number: 281-451-3841

Toll Free: 877-ECO-TEXAS or 877-326-8392

How does green power or renewable electricity differ from conventional brown power?

While most people believe that green power costs more (like organic milk), most people are surprised to learn that today's premium for 100% renewable electricity is ONLY about 5-6%.

Did you know that electricity prices can swing +/- 3-5% each day? So, purchased at the right time, 100% green power could be seen as equal in price to conventional brown power.

And, did you know that, as of January 2009, natural gas and electricity prices are at five-year lows -- down more than 50% since July 4, 2008. Today's market's 50% discount from its highs basically pays for an organization's 5% green power premium for 10 years. (Of course, with as more than 4 billion square feet, or 20,000 green buildings, are built in the coming 2-4 years, demand for green power may outpace new supply so prices could start to rise dramatically in the short-term.)

Furthermore, if the U.S. Congress were to pass legislation consistent with President Obama's 'green agenda' and Europe's carbon cap-and-trade system, businesses would likely face financial liabilities associates with the greenhouse gas emissions from their electricity purchases. This form of legislation would likely affect manufacturers first. For example, a manufacturer that spends $3 million each year on electricity may face an annual carbon footprint liability of $30,000 to $200,000 based on recent prices of carbon offsets available on the Chicago Climate Exchange and European Climate Exchange. But, that same manufacturer can choose 100% green power today for a green premium of less than $79,000 each year. Or, the manufacturer could start slowly by choosing 10% green power at 1/10th the premium -- only $7,900 per year.

The benefits: less regulatory and financial liability at a great price. And, cleaner air for our kids, grandkids, families, employees, neighbors, ourselves and even our pets to breathe. (Have you ever wondered how clean your local air is today? Check out primer from the EPA on how to purchase renewable electricity.

How does the electricity industry work?

Here is an overview of how Texas' electricity market is organized and operates.

Please note that the report may be slighted biased toward conventional power since the report omits Texas' extremely poor air quality performance with regard to ozone violations.

What is the contact information for regulatory agencies for Texas electricity?

Link to ERCOT website

Link to Public Utility Commission of Texas website

What does Momentum Bay do to help the environment?

Momentum Bay started by ‘greening’ our own households & business. Changed our hearts, minds, words and actions. Here is a snapshot of how we’ve grown as stewards of the environment:

Lifelong learning: Our consultants have attended & spoken at hundreds of conferences about sustainability, green building, solar, etc.

Accreditation & Certification: Our founder is a LEED Accredited Professional since 2003, & is a Green Advantage - Commercial certified professional.

Leadership: Before our consulting firm helped clients purchase green power, we became one of Houston's EPA Green Power Partner & Leader by purchasing 100% green power.

Efficiency: We reduced our electricity consumption by changing bad habits & upgrading equipment, e.g., replaced all incandescent lightbulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs, purchased ENERGY STAR equipment, use laptops instead of desktops. EPA Small Business Partner: Committed to purchasing ENERGY STAR appliances when replacing or buying new ones.

Health: We use healthy, sustainable products in our home & office, e.g., painted with zero VOC paint.

Walking the talk: Our founder practices sustainability personally. He & his wife even held their own green wedding ... & saved 55% relative to a conventional wedding.

Transportation: One consultant replaced his family's 1992 Toyota Camry with 2007 Toyota Prius to cut emissions by one-third & to double the gas mileage.

Food: We choose local, organic & natural foods, support local farms & even maintain an organic garden at the office.

Travel: When we travel, we rent hybrid cars, stay at green hotels, eat at green restaurants, etc.

How do I apply for a job with Momentum Bay Associates LP?

Although Momentum Bay does not retain unsolicited resumes from prospective applicants, we would welcome the opportunity to get to know you & explore how your vision may complement our own.

Our greatest passion meets the world's greatest needs in our providing comprehensive green management consulting & relevant tools to go green profitably & practically.

If that describes your vision, please reach out to our founding partner Mark Robinson at 281-451-3841.