How to Stay Green This Summer

If you’re from the American South, you understand just how formidable the summer heat can be. While the heat takes a brutal toll on our bodies, our methods of coping can also leave a mark on the environment. Here are some tips on how to stay cool and green during the dog days of summer, a few of which can save you money as well.

Ditch the Plastic Water Bottles for a Thermos

We’ve all heard many times how plastic water bottles are bad for the environment. However, when the temperature is in the triple digits, sometimes it’s easy to disregard this for the sake of hydration. First of all the plastic is thin, keeping the liquid cool for a minimal amount of time, and has also been...

What Does Green Mean?

What does green mean? Nature, the earth…your wallet? In yesterday’s world, the two were polar opposites. Today, as investment and research continues to grow, the value in sustainably using the earth’s resources is finally being realized. But in tomorrow’s society, the two will be inextricably linked. For many years people could drill...cut…burn without much consequence. But as did the steam engine gave way to gasoline alternatives, so too its time has come.

Tesla is preparing to release its fourth electric vehicle while also investing is battery storage technology for large scale renewable energy operations. Depending on whom you ask, the stock price may be ove...

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