Texas Roofing Contractor

20,000 square foot ENERGY STAR certified cool roof or white roof in southwest Houston on a multifamily apartment building serving low-income senior residents. This cool roof, as well as solar powered attic ventilation fans and cellulose insulation, reduces the building’s air conditioning needs, and boosts the solar modules’ power generation 15 to 18% above the solar manufacturer’s engineers’ expectations.


Our clients and our company were surprised to discover that the State of Texas requires no license, continuing education, credentials, insurance, or experience to promote roofing services.


Within 50 miles of Houston, over 4,000 roofing companies install commercial and residential roofs, usually only after a hail storm or wind damage.


So, we asked:


"How can buyers get a good roofing system installed professionally and legally at a fair price, good value, with excellent service and based on a rewarding relationship?"

Then, GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS and our parent consulting firm Momentum Bay chose a higher standard.


First, our owner studied for and passed all three licensing exams (4 hours of exams) proctored by The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. (include photo of books, materials, and grades)


So, our firm is a Commercial & Residential Licensed Roofing Contractor (#03-0313).


Second, we interview and research best practices, codes, trends, manufacturers, distributors, and subcontractors all in the context of integrated design or systems thinking, that is, the roof as part of a building system and occupants’ life — thermal comfort, protection, peace and quiet, boosting solar generation, a rainwater catchment system, and source for edible landscaping irrigation.


And, we’re carry more than the industry standard coverages for General Liability, Worker’s Compensation, and Auto insurance.


We’re more than Texas roofing contractors who protect our clients’ interests because our leaders and families echo your concerns.